University of Cape Coast UCC Anthem

University of Cape Coast UCC Anthem

The UCC Anthem

UCC,UCC we’re the liveliest of them all

UCC,UCC  we’re the teachers of the nation

We learn to teach;we find and pass on

We counsel,we guide that all may be enlightened



UCC,UCC:therefore rise to your call

UCC,UCC:to the call, let rise

To our call let us rise,veritas nobis lumen


UCC,UCC we’re the humblest of them all

UCC,UCC we’re the bedrock of all knowledge

Being proud of this we students and workers

In concert shall work,that your image may be heightened


UCC,UCC we’re the kindest of them all

UCC,UCC we’re the brain-child of Nkrumah

We train, we mould and live by his vision

To impact all virtue that Ghana may be strengthened.

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