Ghana Police Service 2017 Recruitment, General Eligibility, Professional Eligibility and Procedures

By | November 16, 2017

Ghana Police Service Recruitment, General Eligibility, Professional Eligibility and Procedures

The Ghana Police Service will from Monday 20th November open recruitment opportunity for qualified persons who are interested in Law Enforcement to apply to join the Police Service.

The available categories are General Duty Recruits, Tradesmen Recruits, Graduates, (General Duty) and Graduates Professionals. There are sub-categories of Tradesmen and Graduate Professionals. However, all Applicants must satisfy all general requirements in addition to specific requirements for a chosen category/sub category.

The application process shall be originated online; therefore, physical submission of application will not be acceptable.

Ghana Police Service Recruitment General Eligibility

General Pool

  • Applicants must be Ghanaian by birth,
  • Between the ages of 18 and 25 for General pool
  • Height [173cm or 5.8ft for male and 165cm or 5.4ft for female]
  • Educational qualification as may be prescribed by the Appointment and Promotion Advisory Board of the Ghana Police Service
  • Applicant must have clean records from Criminalities
  • Must be medically fit by Police standard
  • Professional Eligibility

This includes all the above except the age limit which is between 18 and 35 or as may be prescribed by the Appointment and Promotion Advisory Board of the Ghana Police Service.

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Invitation for Body Screening

Applicants who meet the above criteria are shortlisted and invited to undergo body screening and selection process at various designated centers specified in the advert taking into consideration Regional Balance.

Photographs of applicants are collected and affixed on their forms for identification purposes during the process.

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Aptitude Test

Successful applicants are made to write Aptitude Test involving General Paper, Essay, Dictation, Comprehension and any other as may be prescribed by the Appointment and Promotion Advisory Board of the Ghana Police Service

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Publication of Test Results

Results of the above test are released and pasted at the various regional centers including all the Training Schools for the information of applicants.

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Medical Examination

Successful applicants are made to undergo Medical Examination at ONLY Police Hospital after having paid the necessary medical examination fee at a designated Bank and receipts used as prove of payment.

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Criminal Check

To ensure that people with criminal background are not recruited into the Service strict Criminal checks are conducted on all successful applicants.  Only applicants without criminal records are called for training.

Ghana Police Service Recruitment Invitation for Training

The final stage of the Recruitment Exercise is the issuing of Admission Letters accompanied with Prospectus to applicants who were able to go through the entire process.

NB: All letters issued out to applicants are in original copies (Applicant’s Name and Signature of originator are in blue ink).

For further inquiries please contact the office on or click here:

Tel: 0302761277

Fax: 0302761771

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